Are looking to get pretty nails at home?

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Then it’s your lucky day because you have landed at the right spot as we are going to tell you the six simple steps to get your nails all dolled up from the comfort of your own home. 

After reading this whole blog, you will be a nail care maestro escaping hefty nail bar fees ranging from $50-$200+. Plus getting your nails done in no time without exposing yourself to the risk of nail infections and diseases. So, without further ado, let’s get started!!  first, with the essential tools you are going to need to beat any pretty nail salon in your town.

Your Nail Care Tool Kit

You need to have the right nail care tools when it comes to having beautiful nails that complement your personality. 

Believe us!! The pretty nail photos you want to take every single day are possible at home but with the right tools.  So below are the essential six tools that are going to come in handy.

Nail Clippers

Spend your money on a high-quality pair of nail clippers with premium control and precision. The nail clippers are best if you are looking to get a neat and well-groomed nail shape.

Nail File

The pretty nails & spas are best in giving nails a flawless shape and for that nail files are necessary. You need a nail file with a fine grit surface to smoothen the edges as well as to prevent fraying and damage. 

Just remember to file in one direction to prevent the split of nail layers.

Cuticle Pusher

The cuticle pusher helps gently push back your cuticles to help your nails look more elegant and longer. 

Just remember to use cuticles after soaking your nails in warm water.

Cuticle Nippers

This tool is necessary and comes in handy when you have excess or overgrown cuticles. 

Remember to trim the skin that has separated from the nail bed and disinfect the nippers once you are done.

Nail Buffer

You can use this tool to make the nail surface smooth by removing ridges giving natural shine. Always use the nail buffer in a circular motion to buff the surface of your nail.

Now let’s move towards the easy peasy steps to make your nails the pretty nails by just sitting on your couch. 

6 Steps To Achieve Pretty Nails At Home

The pretty nail salons can be costly in addition to exposing you to tons of nail infections. So what you need to learn is the set of six steps that can help you have perfect nails at home. 

But before you proceed towards following the steps mentioned below, make sure to first remove the old and chipped coat of nail polish (if you have applied any).

Soak Your Nail

The pretty nail salon photos you might encounter while scrolling or searching are only possible because of soaking your nails in warm water.  This step makes your cuticle more flexible and easier to push back.

You just have to soak your nails for five minutes then dry them with a towel.

Trim & File Your Nails

After completely drying your nails, trim them carefully about the length you want. Then gently file them to smooth the edges.

Push Back Your Cuticles

Use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles effectively. But before that, apply the cuticle cream for about three minutes. This gives a pretty shape to the cuticle and prepares them for an even coat of polish.

Remember! Avoid trimming your cuticle because this can expose your fingers to swallowing and redness. Just make sure not to use anything sharp.

Moisturize Your Cuticles

Moisturize your cuticles after pushing them back. You can either use oil or moisturizing cream to keep your cuticles hydrated. In case of extreme dryness of cuticles, you can use dedicated cuticle oil available in the market to restore them to health.

Buff Your Nails

With the rough side of your nail buffer gently buff your nails by running it across the surface in one direction. After this, switch to the medium-grade side & repeat the process, and complete the buffing with the finest side to add shine to your nails. 

Just don’t go thinning out your nails!! Your goal here is to create a smooth and shiny surface!!

Rinse Your Hands

Congratulations! You have completed all the five necessary steps and now the last one is to clean and moisturize your fingers and hands. 

If you don’t want to paint your nails, then you are done and in case you want to paint your nails. Then apply nail polish remover with the help of a cotton ball to get rid of excess lotion before you start.

After reading all this, you are thinking of painting your nails? Then we have got covered with trendy nail designs for your pretty nails 

Trendy Nail Design For Your Pretty Nails: 2024

If you are not a pro at painting your nails then don’t worry because we have chic and sleek designs that won’t require much effort. Keeping your pretty nails stylish, classy, and trendy! 

Transparent French 

This is a neat and clean style that gives a natural look to your nails with a glossy finish. Often made by using a clear nude polish to give a sophisticated look.

Rainbow Tips

If the transparent French seems basic to you then bring a zing to your nails by adding colored tips to the pale pink base layer. In case you want to keep things uniform, then choose the same shades for your tips too. 

Some of the common colors are juicy tangerines, sky blues, and creamy yellows.

Wrap Up

See!! you have a perfect way to get pretty nails salon at home in just six simple steps and above this now you know simple nail designs that will make you the talk of the town. Keeping your nails healthy, clean as well as stylish. 

In the end, one small tip before you leave us, just keep a bottle of nail supplements with you to keep your nails strong for enhanced luster and glossiness.